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Activation Lock by IMEI

If your Apple device is displaying the 'Activation Lock' screen it means it has been iCloud locked. Our iCloud removal service will permanently remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your Apple device allowing you to sign into a new account.



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This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID (e****@gmail.com). Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up this iPhone.



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We offer an unlocking service for all iPhone, iPad and iWatch models – find your device here.

How to Unlock your iCloud Activation
on any Apple Device.

Find your device IMEI or Serial number

The IMEI is a 14-digit number and the Serial is a 12-alphanumeric code used to uniquely identify your mobile from any other device.

Select a model and enter your details

Once you have entered your details and completed our easy checkout we’ll start getting your iCloud lock removed!

We process your iCloud unlock

Usually within 24 hours we'll have your iCloud activation lock permanently removed from your Apple device.

iCloud activation unlock complete

You’ll be able to access the Apple device and use it as normal - including restarting, updating and factory resetting.

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The Benefits of Unlocking your device iCloud

You may only have one primary reason for wanting to unlock your iCloud at the moment, but once it’s unlocked remember the other great benefits that having an unlocked iPhone offers:

  • Avoid roaming limits when travelling by using SIM cards from local carrier providers.

  • Find a deal that suits you, whether that be more data or better coverage in your local area.

  • Sell your iPhone easier and for a much higher price.

  • Buy a cheap locked iPhone and use our cheap unlocking service to grab yourself a bargain.

Standard Option

A great choice if you are the original owner of your iPhone and know the current status of your carrier contract i.e. the iPhone is not blacklisted or has unpaid bills etc*

  • Direct Whitelisting on Apple's Database
  • Permanent Factory Unlock
  • One-off Payment

Pre-Order Option

If you are not the orginal owner or do not know the current status of your carrier please use this service. We will carry out these status checks and proceed with the full iPhone unlock.

  • Direct Whitelisting on Apple's Database
  • Permanent Factory Unlock
  • May require additional payment dependant on contract status

Fastest way to unlock iCloud from your device, usually within 24 hours!

Permanently release the Apple device from previous iCloud account.

Remotely performed unlocking service with minimal inconvenience.

We can remove ANY icloud activation lock on ALL Apple device if it runs iOS 7 or later.

Dedicated customer service team with live built in order tracking facility.

Carrier Check


Instantly find out what carrier your iPhone, iPad or iWatch is locked to using the IMEI number.

Carrier Check

iCloud Activation


Removes your device from it's previous iCloud account permanently. Allowing you to activate and set up the device as normal.


Quickest iCloud unlock on the Internet (see our price list for full details).

your unlock

Login below to view your iPhone unlock progress at any point of the process.

Live tracking

Excellent 4.8 / 5

Unlock iCloud Activation Lock Removal Service - UnlockCert from UnlockCert.com is rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 528 reviews

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